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Jeanne Smith

After a successful career on the creative side of the corporate world, both as a business owner and a creative contributor, I have spent the last decade immersed in coaching, supporting executives and leadership teams across Fortune 100 companies as an executive coach and facilitator. I am currently on the Faculty of the Hudson Institute of Coaching as an Executive Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Mentor. Prior to joining Hudson, I was a senior leader at a SoCal SaaS company where I built and led a team of coaches that together we architected the #1 coaching culture in the world, awarded by the International Coach Federation.

I am a Fellow at Harvard Medical School through the Institute of Coaching, and have served as President of the International Coach Federation in Los Angeles. I earned my BA from the University of Santa Clara, and spent several years as an adjunct professor of music at Fordham University. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (PCC), a Hudson Certified Coach (HCC) and a certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC). I am also a certified Strengths Coach and Facilitator (TMBC). You will find that I sometimes use music as a lens to leadership development, as there are many identifiable benefits that can refresh the nuances of leadership.

I believe that how you feel at work is how you do at work ™. Having spent a number of years working with Marcus Buckingham (global thought leader on Strengths), steeped in Positive Intelligence and Positive Psychology, I have a studied appreciation of increasing the potential of an individual when you can articulate and appreciate what is working well, identify where you are most energized, then build on what is unique to you to accelerate and expand what is possible.

I am based in Los Angeles, and have shared my life’s journey with my wife, Pam, for over three decades.

After having crossed off some fun bucket list activities (driving a Zamboni, learning competitive curling, windsurfing on the San Francisco Bay, zip lining 600 feet over a canyon, learning to play the cello), I am now expanding that list and am on a Reiki Certification journey to mastery. 

My Story

At 6 weeks old our family was taking a summer vacation in the Pocono Mountains, a 2+ hour drive from Philadelphia where we lived. I was placed on a blanket in the back of the station wagon (no car seats in those days) and instead of sleeping, I lifted my head the entire drive to see what was going on around me, watching my siblings and the surrounding views outside the car window. I was quickly labeled a ‘busy body’.

At 6 years old, I was fully owning my appetite to learn – about everything. I suspect I may have been slightly annoying with all of my questions. In response, I was given a 500-page book called “The Book of Why”. I devoured it (and wanted more!).

When I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, I would beg my Mom to take me to the Philadelphia airport so we could sit at different gates (arriving flights and departing flights) and watch people being greeted by loved ones, or saying goodbye as they boarded the plane. I would try to figure out their story, understand the dynamics of the relationships I was seeing, and imagine what their lives might be like. (And yes, there was no TSA back then, we could hang out at the gates w/o a plane ticket)

And now, decades later, I look back at my life, the choices I have made, and the work that I have pursued over the years. The consistent threads that have created my tapestry from the beginning to now have honored my curiosity, my care and intrigue for/with human behavior, and my openness to learning.

Choosing the coaching profession has landed me in my life’s purpose. Giving my full attention to another person, being curious about them, and providing space for vulnerability and discovery is a nourishing setting for self-awareness, personal growth, and professional development.

This is what I love to do.

“A leader with a heart for humans is a leader who will remain forever in human hearts.”
– Jeanne Smith

Executive Coaching 1:1

I coach the whole person, not just the ‘leader part’ of you. The best of you is all of you. And that is where our work begins.

Operating from a place of self-awareness coupled with a growth mindset is a powerful stance from which to lead. Together we will explore what you want, what’s getting in the…

way of having that, and how you can take action to bring these desires to fruition. Along the way, you will perhaps discover some old habits that have become a default for you, and we will navigate to new ways of being to which you aspire. We may uncover some unconscious patterns of behavior that you would like to pivot or shift. Or perhaps others are experiencing you in challenging ways that are revealed through 360 stakeholder interviews. From this feedback, you will decide where you want to make changes, and together we will build a development plan customized for your ongoing leadership journey. I will not let out of sight your tremendous talent and fervor that continues to drive your success. It is known research, that where you have passion and expertise, is where you will grow the most.

If you would like to learn more, I’d welcome the conversation with you.


Oftentimes leadership can feel isolating. You wonder if you are the only one struggling with certain aspects of your work; you’re curious to know how others might view a sticky situation; you are holding confidences of the business but would love to brainstorm with others in the organization who are privy to the situations at hand; you hesitate to say ‘I don’t know’ in front of your leaders.

These are all examples of what leaders bring to group coaching.

Group Coaching is a confidential setting where leaders in the organization gather in facilitated sessions to learn and grow from one another. These are not ‘intact’ teams, but rather leaders at the same/similar level from across the organization. Together these leaders open up about challenges they are facing, share approaches that are working well, and get curious about what else is possible.

Please reach out if this is something that you believe will be helpful in your organization.


Leadership development has multiple facets, but at its heart it focuses on personal growth to become a more effective leader.

I offer customized learning sessions for teams and groups. When individuals have an awareness of how they show up and understand the impact their natural tendencies…

have on others, it not only creates an empathetic and inclusive environment but also strategically leverages the distinctive talents of each individual.

If you have a team, or a cross-functional group in your organization that is looking for skill enhancements and dialing up self-awareness, or building leadership competencies that foster a positive culture, please reach out. I welcome an explorative conversation with you.

Coaching Culture

As a former Coaching Culture Architect at a fast-growing SaaS company in SoCal, my team and I together built the #1 coaching culture in the world. The PRISM Award is the top honor bestowed to organizations that have achieved the highest standard of excellence in coaching programs that yield discernible and measurable positive impacts, meet rigorous professional standards, achieve…

key strategic goals, and shape organizational culture. The International Coach Federation shares this honor with one organization from around the world each year, for us, 2019 was our year.

In that journey, I learned a lot about building a coaching culture. What works, what doesn’t, how to scale, where to focus resources for the greatest ROI, and how to engage a population in shifting from ‘telling to asking’.

Organizations now realize more and more the importance of a coaching culture and its powerful impact to the bottom line of business. Partnering with experts is no longer a ‘want to have’, but a ‘must have’.

If you are curious to learn more, it would be fun to engage in an explorative dialogue with you.

“I needed to change my work habits, and even deeper personal patterns, to succeed. Enter Jeanne. Kind, firm, and direct.  I immediately felt comfortable enough to talk about what was going on — and trusted her feedback even when it made me uncomfortable (as it did sometimes). After working with her, I became more decisive, able to delegate more easily, and focus on the rocks I could move to drive success. Working with Jeanne was a game changer.”

– Executive Creative Director 

“At the time, I was uncertain about my career path and lacked direction both professionally and personally. During my coaching sessions with Jeanne, I developed a mindset that empowered me to take full control of my future. Jeanne served as the catalyst for the positive changes I experienced. She assisted me in cultivating the confidence and constructing a concrete plan to move forward. Her genuine care for my well-being and success left an indelible impression on me. Thank you, Jeanne, for everything you have done!”

– Chief Customer Officer

“Working with Jeanne Smith regenerated my career. She helped me to restore my confidence as a leader and a creative visionary. I am at the top of my game now! Thank you, Jeanne!”

– Creative Director

“I am proud to be a leader again. I really couldn’t have navigated my inner chaos without Jeanne’s coaching expertise. She helped me to be a better person, leader and husband. Deep gratitude, Jeanne.”

– Chief Product Officer

“In our work together, Jeanne brought just the right balance of challenge and introspection. She was able to help me unpack each difficult situation that led me to derive my own conclusions. Jeanne is simply one of a kind. I’m grateful for this experience.”

– Vice President, Customer Success


“Tempo is not a rigid concept; it should be flexible and responsive to the moment. It is through this flexibility that the music truly comes alive.”

– Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla

Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla conducts the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

Photograph: Benjamin Ealovega

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